Poll: What Do You Think of the New Carcass Album, Torn Arteries?

Last week, following a year of pandemic delays, English extreme metal legends Carcass finally released one of 2021’s most anticipated albums, Torn Arteries. MetalSucks’ own Jeff Treppel writes that the record “really has it all: insanely complex riffs, growl-along choruses, wryly funny lyrics, and even a nine minute song that doesn’t feel it.”

But who gives a shit what we think? We wanna know what YOU think. Now that you’ve had the album for almost a full week… was Torn Arteries worth the wait, or is it anticlimactic? Does it rank with the band’s best, worst, or somewhere in the middle?

Cast your vote below!


What do you think of ‚Torn Arteries‘ by Carcass?

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