[Tour] Double Headliner Tour

53 Konzerte durch 23 Länder, so lang ist die Tour von DARK TRANQUILLITY und ENSIFERUM, bei der beide Bands Headliner sein werden.

Streicht euch die unten genannten Termine für das deutschsprachige Gebiet schon mal rot im Kalender an.

DARK TRANQUILLITY’s Sänger Mikael Stanne zur Tour:
„Let’s break the spell of silence and fear together this winter! We couldn’t be more excited to go back on the European roads again, and to finally play in front of people, to hang out and to vent all this frustration that’s been building inside for far too long. It’s going to be incredible to join forces with our Finnish brothers ENSIFERUM for this as well. Having toured together before and crossed paths many times we look forward to screaming the night away throughout Europe this spring. Can’t wait to see you all! Cheers!“

Sami Hinkka von Ensiferum:
„After such a long time of darkness & uncertainty in the live music scene, we are very happy to finally reveal a light at the end of the tunnel! We’ll be joining forces with the legendary DARK TRANQUILLITY for a massive co-headlining tour around Europe. It’s no secret that back in the day, DARK TRANQUILLITY was one of the bands that inspired Markus Toivonen to start ENSIFERUM and now we are hitting the road with our heroes. How awesome is that?! We are sure that everyone is craving some energetic and ass-kicking live music experiences (we sure are!) and with this line-up, this tour is not to be missed. Get your ticket in advance & help support the return of live music! We can’t wait to see you in the front row!”

Die Vorgruppen werden später irgendwann bekanntgegeben.


Double Headliner Tour Tourdaten

12.04.22 Kubana, Siegburg
Dark Tranquillity und Ensiferum
13.04.22 Markthalle, Hamburg
Dark Tranquillity und Ensiferum
14.04.22 Hellraiser, Leipzig
Dark Tranquillity und Ensiferum
15.04.22 ORWOhaus, Berlin
Dark Tranquillity und Ensiferum
18.04.22 Backstage, München
Dark Tranquillity und Ensiferum
19.04.22 Rockhouse Salzburg, Salzburg
Dark Tranquillity und Ensiferum
20.04.22 SiMM City – Festsaal Simmering, Wien
Dark Tranquillity und Ensiferum
26.04.22 LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart
Dark Tranquillity und Ensiferum
07.05.22 Schüür, Luzern
Dark Tranquillity und Ensiferum

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