Ghost are Teasing a New Album and Tour

Are you ready for new Ghost? The Swedish rock outfit have awakened from their long slumber, and we’re betting a new album announcement and tour are on the immediate horizon.

Ghost have brought back the popular web series of dramatic short videos that heralded important news announcements throughout the cycle of their last album, Prequelle. In a “Doom” call (Zoom), the recurring character Sister Imperator chats with Papa Emeritus, who reveals he’s “getting ready for everything coming up,” while highlighting features of his makeup and wig.

Appearing as Papa Emeritus IV, Tobias Forge’s character instructs Sister Imperator not to call him “C” (short for Cardinal) anymore. Ghost unveiled Papa IV at the band’s last show, which took place in early March 2020, right before the pandemic shut the world down, in Mexico City. Cardinal Copia “mysteriously died” during the set’s eighth song, the instrumental track “Miasma,” according to, and was “inaugurated officially as Papa Emeritus IV” while the Abba song “Arrival” played through the PA. The band then finished out the second half of the set with Papa IV up front.

Forge previously said Ghost were “working on several big things” for 2021 and entered the recording studio in January. The band lost a lawsuit against Ghost Vodka but won one filed by the band’s former members.

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