Pig Destroyer Release Cover of Perturbator’s “Excess”

Pig Destroyer have released a cover of Perturbator’s recent single, “Excess.” As you can probably guess, it doesn’t sound much like the original track… but it does fucking rule.

The recording is PxDx’s contribution to an upcoming EP, also called Excess, which will see Author & Punisher, Health, INVSN, and others all offer their own takes on the song.

Thus spake Pig Destroyer:

“We are beyond stoked to announce this! Perturbator is awesome so we were so excited to be a part of this! Thanks for everyone’s patience and you can check that all out here!”

Listen to Pig Destroyer’s Perturbator’s “Excess” below. The EP still doesn’t have a release date. While we wait, you can also check out Author & Punisher’s Perturbator’s “Excess.”

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