James Hetfield „Got Goosebumps“ Watcuing Virginia Tech Crowd Go Nuts To METALLICA’s „Enter Sandman“

The crowd at the Virginia Tech Hokies game on September 3 got so hyped up by Metallica’s 1991 hit „Enter Sandman“ that it literally registered on a seismograph. Metallica frontman James Hetfield said in an interview with SeriousXM’s Shawn The Butcher that the video gave him goosebumps, and that he’s glad Virginia Tech loves the song.

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Hetfield also said writing a song that pumps a crowd up like „Enter Sandman“ is completely out of the artist’s hands, and is all about how the crowd reacts.

„Oh it is – I tell you, even just talking about it, I get goosebumps. IT was spectacular. The VT game, everyone jumping. I mean the military, the crowd, the team. I mean, everybody. And I tell you, it has been an eight year kind of progression with it, but to be a part of their lives, to be a part of their team, and to pump people up with that, there’s no way. We can site and try to write something that, ‚Oh, we need a song to pump the crowd up.‘

… you can try to do that, but it’s not gonna work. It’s just not. So all of these things happen for a reason. It was out of our hands, out of our control. I mean, those fans of Virginia Tech, they’re the ones that made that. I mean, they needed that. So they found our song and we’re grateful for that. So we’re grateful.“

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