Kirk Hammett Says Improvising METALLICA’s „The Unforgiven“ Guitar Solo Changed The Way He Plays

We’re learning a lot about Kirk Hammett’s guitar solos lately. First we found out that Hammett actually never writes solos with a wah pedal in mind, and now we’re learning that his solo on „The Unforgiven“ was completely improvised! Hammett said in an interview with Total Guitar that Black Album producer Bob Rock didn’t like any of the ideas he brought into the studio for the solo, and forced him to just make it up on the spot.

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„It wasn’t happening and then Bob Rock accused me of not doing my homework. I don’t know what he was talking about, because I arrived into the studio with all these ideas, but they just didn’t work! I had to throw them all out. I was bare naked with no idea what to do. Bob told me he would try to tweak the sound for me and when he did that it really helped. They said, ‚Just play!‘ and I was like, ‚Arrrgh!‘

„I had maybe a minute to put myself into a real mood. I just needed to block everything out and go deep emotionally. We hit record and I didn’t know what the fuck to play but something was going to come out… Something always does. That solo was raw emotion. I had no idea what to do; it all came to me as I played – real improvisation. I was so happy after that, really excited and inspired.“

Maybe we’ll get to hear more sweet improvised Kirk Hammett solos when Metallica comes out with their new album in… a few years?

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