OZZY OSBOURNE To Undergo „Major Surgery“ For Neck & Spine Issues

Ozzy Osbourne unfortunately exacerbated a handful of old and serious injuries in 2019 after falling in the middle of the night. According to Sharon Osbourne at the time, the fall „dislodged metal rods in his back, neck and shoulders from an old injury.“ Now in an interview with The Daily Mail, Sharon reveals Ozzy will undergo „major surgery“ this year to correct those issues.

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„The thing I’m most excited about is my hubby getting back on stage,“ she added. „That’s what I pray for.“

No word on when the surgery is, but we preemptively wish Ozzy all the best! Sharon also touched on the coming Ozzy biopic, saying it should be out next spring.

„It’s a movie about Ozzy’s and my life, how we came together in the early days and our volatile relationship. All the fights, all the makeups, all the fights, all the arrests, all the everything. And it’s a love story.

„Our fights were legendary. We would beat the shit out of each other. It stopped, must be 20 years ago, but we had a good run.“

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Ozzy was working on a new album earlier this year with producer and musician Andrew Watt, alongside some „interesting people“ he couldn’t talk about right now. All we know right now is that Zakk Wylde isn’t involved in the album.

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