BOGWIFE Churns Out Swampy Stoner Metal With A Passage Divine

Bogwife, the band named after a mythical and swamp dwelling creature from Scandinavian folklore, is here to dredge up some serious psych-heavy stoner rock. The band is now streaming their new full-length album A Passage Divine, due out September 17, and you can check it out in full below. Just try not to drown.

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„For us, A Passage Divine is a natural continuation of what we began exploring on our last record, both in terms of our musical development and how we write and compose lyrics,“ said the band. „Lyrically, all the songs revolve around the bog and the significance the bog had mythologically in the Iron Age in Europe. Whereas musically, it all just felt ‚right‘ instead of us putting pressure on ourselves to achieve a specific goal or structure.“

Pre-orders for A Passage Divine are available here.

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