Jeff Walker Feels CARCASS Is „Kind Of Responsible“ For Nü-Metal

Carcass has been responsible for plenty of inspiration throughout the rock and metal world over the years, though associating them with nü-metal seems like a stretch. Well, unless you’re Carcass vocalist and bassist Jeff Walker. Then the lineage is very clear

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In an interview with Metal Hammer, Walker said he feels Carcass had an impact on bands because they were doing something different at the time.

„We downtuned to B and we kind of introduced that to the world of metal as far as I’m concerned,“ he said. „There probably was somebody else who tuned to B, but I can’t think of anyone. It had some disastrous side effects, such as nu metal.“

Walker then clarified that he was referencing nü-metal, and said he does feel responsible for the genre.

„In some respects, we kind of are responsible. They all worked with Ross Robinson, and he was a Carcass fan – he stole Symphonies Of Sickness from Tower Records in Los Angeles when it came out. A lot of those bands tuned to B. But they don’t know why they’re doing it half the time.“

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Carcass will release their extremely not nü-metal album Torn Arteries on September 17. Pre-orders are available here.

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