CONFESS Drops Groovy New Song „Megalodon“

Confess, the Iranian band that fled to Norway after being charged with blasphemy in their home country, is back with a crunchy new single „Megalodon“. Guitarist and vocalist Nikan „Siyanor“ Khosravi tells Decibel the single is the first song he wrote after he and bandmate Arash „Chemical“ Ilkhani arrived in Norway, and that it’s also their first experimentation with seven string guitars.

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„‚Megalodon‘ was the first song that I wrote after I moved to Norway,“ Khosravi says. „Also, it is my first experience with low-tuned seven-string. The interesting part of it was, it was actually an improvisation that I had recorded on my phone. After couple of weeks when we were listening to it again we were like: ‚Damn! This thing is fire! It should be completed and make it to the album!'“

Check out the single below and keep an eye out for more information on Confess‚ coming album Revenge At All Costs in 2022.

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